\ Your presence on Pinterest

Your presence on Pinterest

Benefits and Guidelines for

Pinterest is the last of the major Social Media sites that many business have a presence on, that I will cover in this series.  With 270 Million unique users each month it is a  great place to post visual content to reach your target audience.  Approximately 85% of the users on Pinterest are female, with 42% being adult females.  If that is your target market, it’s a great place to be!  It’s very easy to setup and use for posting visual content.

Your presence on Pinterest

There are both personal and business accounts available on Pinterest and you can actually have both if you prefer.  Should you choose to simplify and already have a personal account you can request to have it converted to a business account, or they may actually send you an invitation by email.  The primary difference between the accounts is Analytics and Rich Pins.  I won’t go into detail here about rich pins, you can read more in the help section on Pinterest, but they offer more options with your pins.

After creating your account you’ll want to create “boards”, where each would have a different keyword focus.  You can however pin one image to multiple boards if that is something that makes sense.  Some of the more popular topics and boards on Pinterest are how-to-guides, DIY crafts and recipes.  Boards are also a great place to get ideas for your own content and insight into what people are interested in.  Build connection and relationships over shared interests through the multiple boards you have or you visit.  Learn what inspires people and gain insight into the things you can share.  Pinterest makes it easy to engage with your customers, clients & friends through a variety of topics like hobbies, crafts, DIY, cookery, interiors, beauty and fashion.

Tips, Tricks & Suggestions

As with all channels make sure you complete your profile and the profile header for each board you create, this will help showcase your personality.  Don’t forget to include your website and complete the verification process where possible.  I would suggest taking some time to research various boards by reviewing what your friends and industry are doing to get ideas of how you would like to organize your pins.  This is flexible and changeable so you don’t need to spend a lot of time, just enough to get some ideas on how you want to proceed. Engage with other users by commenting, liking or sharing relevant pins to your own boards, others will begin to reciprocate

When designing your website or blog, make certain you include plenty of images and a “pin it button” so others can easily share what they like.  This will also create back-links from Pinterest to your site and help drive more traffic to your site.  Statistics have shown that product images pinned with a price are more effective and have a better click through rates.  Be sure to include a Call To Action in the description if applicable too!

Remember: When pinning a image you can edit the link information to redirect to your website if needed.

If you’d like to see what people are pinning from a specific website or from your website or blog you can easily find this information by entering the following:

http://pinterest.com/source/domain.com/  [replace domain.com with your domain name]

Image Size

Recommended Width = 540px
There is no vertical limit, so you can increase the length where needed to include content.

For more Information or To Get Started

To get started simply go to   http://help.pinterest.com/en/

Download the PDF Version

How to edit a Pinterest pin Visit Site URL

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