\ Why I May Never Write Again

Why I May Never Write Again

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not really a writer to begin with.  I have dabbled with the idea over the years, by starting at least a dozen different journals none of which have more than a few pages completed.  I have a very hard time putting my feelings & thoughts on to a piece of paper.  I mean, what if someone else finds it and reads it? How embarrassing would that be?  Aside from the fact that what little I have written was all penned out of either love or depression; it seems that what makes me want to scribble something down are those highs and lows.  I’m in-between most of the time, well you get the picture.

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Does “ is ” Really Work?

Not being accomplished in , I’ve learned that blogging has been no different.  So… how does one become a blogger if you can’t or don’t like to write you ask?  I started reading other blogs on the subjects I wanted to cover and quickly found that most of what I want to write about has already been covered by someone else and most likely in a much better style than I would have come up with anyway.  At first I thought I’d figure out how to nicely curate the information into my own words and post on my blog.  You know what?  That takes a ton of time, that I really don’t have!

Sharing is Caring
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That’s where the sharing comes in, I asked myself why not just help others get more exposure and in turn provide my readers with a professionally written article that probably has nice graphics too!   I decided to test the theory on my new Twitter account.  I quickly discovered I could just share the original article and grow my own following at the same time; spending my time locating great articles and providing a service to my followers and my niche. one stop reading from a variety of sources.  I wasn’t up for re-inventing the wheel anyway!  It seems to be working, in a little over 2 months I’ve been able to organically grow my account to over 600+ users looking for a single place to find the content they want to see.

A GPS Doesn’t Work Without a Destination

My original goal was to build a following of people looking for , and information and resources.  To provide my readers and followers with the most up-to-date data on what it takes to start a new , build an effective website and be found on social media, so they can wisely determine where to spend their time and money.

A GPS Doesn't Work Without a Destination
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Whether it’s a small family business, a new  or a blog dying to be written my vision is to help those individuals find a place on-line that will give them a viable alternative to doing the tech stuff themselves, so they can focus on their main objective of getting their idea off the ground.  I’m still in route to my final destination and have taken a few scenic detours, but I am having a blast along the way!

In My Own Words or The Final Journey

That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on trying to come up with content for my website and blog.  It just means that I’ll be a bit more selective, and strive to publish the things I feel are most important to my endeavor and fit with the niche I am carving out for myself.  I really enjoy doing the geek stuff, the creative and artistic stuff whenever I can, so I’ll stick primarily to the things, I think, I do best: create startup websites, design basic social media images and make cute whiteboard and explainer videos.

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