\ The Benefits of Google + for Your Small Business

The Benefits of Google + for Your Small Business

Consider whether Google Plus is right for your small business

+ boasts over 500 million enabled accounts, of which 135 million are considered “active”.  Approximately 60% of them login to their account every day. It’s a fast growing social media platform and will enhance your ability to get found locally.  Because of its integration with other platforms YouTube, Gmail you can help establish your business quicker.

Ways Google+ can help

  • share or +1s on posts influence SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) results & help boost exposure
  • your posts are indexed to Google immediately
  • use appropriate keywords and headline tags
  • Carousel results get factored in for local searches differently than organic results
  • Google “reviews” most important factor in inclusion & ranking

Create or join Communities they will give you a place to build your network as well as a location for your customers to mingle, ask about products or give feedback.  
How to add Google Communities to your Google Plus page

Flexibility includes things like circles, which can help you brand yourself more closely by filtering your posts to a specific target audience. The ability to host Hangouts gives you a place to be face-to-face with your followers and customers.

Suggestions & Tips

Unlike many other platforms, G+ has a specific place for you to add other social media links in your profile, take advantage of that!  Make certain you include a photo of yourself in your profile, put a face to your name.

You can add hyperlinks to your profile text, for example create backlinks to some of your website pages.  Be sure not to over stuff your profile with keywords or Google may penalize you.  Sharing other people’s posts will also create backlinks to your profile, so share, comment & +1 posts you find helpful.  Engage with others and they will start engaging with you.  Remember to connect & verify your website to your page.

Some useful tips

  • When adding people to your circles, many will add you back, so search for like-minded companies and individuals to get your following started.
  • Did you know that posts with a photo get 5% more clicks? Add photos whenever you can.
  • Research and use hashtags, when creating your post suggestions will come up as you start typing.
  • G+ is also one of the few SM platforms that allows you to use animated GIF If your audience likes them, go for it!
  • If you are using a WordPress platform for your blog and have an automatic social sharing plugin, you will need to give it authorization to post updates to your G+ account, check in account settings.


Profile Photo = 250 x 250 up to 500 x 500 (take in to consideration it will show circular)
Cover Photo = 480 x 270

You can find a cover photo template here

Google Cover Photo Template

For more info about other G+ benefits follow Google Plus For You they have tons  of good tips and suggestions.

Download the PDF Version



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