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Tips For Configuring Your Social Media Profiles

Creating Searchable Social Media Profiles

When thinking about creating your Social Media profile there are two search possibilities you will want to consider. Google search and each of your social channels are the main areas you will want to maximize for profile search-ability.  After all, you want people to find you, right?

Included here I’ll share some tips on where to use keywords in your social profiles to help make it easier for you to be found.

Social Media Profile Tips

Let’s take a look at Google Search first.


Geek Mom Media | Google Search
Example Google Search | Geek Mom Media

Usually, but not always, there are 3 things you can control in a Google search result for your business or website, social profiles and pages.  They are the title, URL of your page and last the description.

The first thing someone sees in a search result is the title.  Generally it is recommended to keep your title between 50-60 characters in length for SEO page requirements.

The SEO title for Geek Mom Media is: Geek Mom Media: Consulting & Web Design for Startups

Your URL will appear on the second line, below the title of search results.  For social channels, the URL is normally listed as the social media domain, followed by your username.

Descriptions are generally taken from the meta name “description” in your page source and are limited to 155 characters in length.  The description for Geek Mom Media reads: Geek Mom Media wants to help you succeed, in your small business, by doing the geek work so you don’t’ have to. Affordable rates for home based business.

Note: Google won’t index anything that isn’t publicly viewable, that means it must be available on your public profile.  You will also need to be logged out completely to see what your profile or page looks like.

Let’s take a look at some specific Social Media Networks and how to best optimize your profiles.

Facebook Page

On a Facebook Page you’ll see something like this

Google Search - Ford on Facebook
Example: Google Search for Ford on Facebook

Search results on Google show the Facebook Page name, Location, number of likes, and number of people talking about the page.

Tip:  Generally a Facebook page name incorporating keywords rank higher in Google search results.

The first option for a search for Cars will give you any page that listed Cars as a subcategory, main brand or product category associated with the page shown in the  drop-down menu. Should you press enter after your search vs reviewing the drop-down you’ll notice options for search results under the menu:

Top, Latest, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, and More

Search for Cars on Facebook
Example: Search for Cars on Facebook

Tip: Local Business Owner pages will appear under Places based on proximity to the person searching and your page category.  Be sure to place your keyword in the subcategory.

Key Points: Where possible include a keyword in your Page’s name and be sure to include keywords in your page’s subcategory.

Twitter Profile

Most Twitter profiles in a Google search will include your profile name, username (@username), number of followers, number of photos, videos and number of tweets.  Occasionally you’ll see one that pulls the bio or lists the username (@username), URL and a couple of your latest tweets.

Search for Ford on Twitter
Example: Ford’s listing for Twitter on Google

Tip: Look to see what your profile is actually pulling from Twitter before proceeding to change your bio and including keywords.

Again, Google will rank keyword searches higher for names and @usernames that include that keyword.  The example we’ve been using is “cars”

Search for cars on Twitter
Example: Search for cars on Google

When searching on the Twitter network, profiles related to the keyword will appear in your results.  They do not need to be included in the name, bio or username of the account.

Key Points:  Include any keyword in your name or @username where possible if you want to appear in Google searches for that keyword.  To appear in searches done via the Twitter network include those keywords in text content; it doesn’t hurt to also include it in your name , bio and @username.

Linked In

Most profiles will appear like this one:

Example: Search for Ford on Instagram
Example: Search for Ford on Instagram

The Google description comes from your Company Name and description.

LinkedIn Profile Example
Example: LinkedIn Profile

Once again, when you include a primary keyword in the Company name of your page you may rank higher in a Google and LinkedIn searches.

Key Point:  Where possible include a primary keyword in your Company listed page name.


Profile name, @username and bio are used in a Google search result.

Tip: Including primary keywords in your bio can help to increase your results.


Profile name and description are used in a Google search result.

Tip: Include primary keywords in your name and description can help to increase your results.  Boards with primary keywords will also appear higher in search results.

Final Take Away

Knowing the general semantics of how profiles and pages work in major social networks can help your search rankings.  When configuring your other Social Network accounts, use the same type of logic.  In looking at Google+ and YouTube, both being optimized via Google will place higher in a Google search when a primary keyword is included in the page name or channel name.  When naming uploads for YouTube include primary keywords in video names as well.

Tip: It is kind of a no-brainer, but many times it’s not possible to include a keyword in your name or username because of your specific branding needs.  Including them in your bio, first paragraph and other text can help.

Geek Mom Media | Social Media Profile Tips

The Benefits of Google + for Your Small Business

Consider whether Google Plus is right for your small business

+ boasts over 500 million enabled accounts, of which 135 million are considered “active”.  Approximately 60% of them login to their account every day. It’s a fast growing social media platform and will enhance your ability to get found locally.  Because of its integration with other platforms YouTube, Gmail you can help establish your business quicker.

Ways Google+ can help

  • share or +1s on posts influence SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) results & help boost exposure
  • your posts are indexed to Google immediately
  • use appropriate keywords and headline tags
  • Carousel results get factored in for local searches differently than organic results
  • Google “reviews” most important factor in inclusion & ranking

Create or join Communities they will give you a place to build your network as well as a location for your customers to mingle, ask about products or give feedback.  
How to add Google Communities to your Google Plus page

Flexibility includes things like circles, which can help you brand yourself more closely by filtering your posts to a specific target audience. The ability to host Hangouts gives you a place to be face-to-face with your followers and customers.

Suggestions & Tips

Unlike many other platforms, G+ has a specific place for you to add other social media links in your profile, take advantage of that!  Make certain you include a photo of yourself in your profile, put a face to your name.

You can add hyperlinks to your profile text, for example create backlinks to some of your website pages.  Be sure not to over stuff your profile with keywords or Google may penalize you.  Sharing other people’s posts will also create backlinks to your profile, so share, comment & +1 posts you find helpful.  Engage with others and they will start engaging with you.  Remember to connect & verify your website to your page.

Some useful tips

  • When adding people to your circles, many will add you back, so search for like-minded companies and individuals to get your following started.
  • Did you know that posts with a photo get 5% more clicks? Add photos whenever you can.
  • Research and use hashtags, when creating your post suggestions will come up as you start typing.
  • G+ is also one of the few SM platforms that allows you to use animated GIF If your audience likes them, go for it!
  • If you are using a WordPress platform for your blog and have an automatic social sharing plugin, you will need to give it authorization to post updates to your G+ account, check in account settings.


Profile Photo = 250 x 250 up to 500 x 500 (take in to consideration it will show circular)
Cover Photo = 480 x 270

You can find a cover photo template here

Google Cover Photo Template

For more info about other G+ benefits follow Google Plus For You they have tons  of good tips and suggestions.

Download the PDF Version



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