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5 Types of Landing Pages Your Small Business Should be Using

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Landing Pages, but why do you need them?  You have a website, right?  Well, maybe not according to Yodle.com 52% of Small Businesses don’t have a website!  So how do you handle online marketing, where do you send your customers?  Facebook Pages can only go so far.  Or, maybe you don’t think you can afford a full-fledged website and have never heard of a Landing Page.  Let’s talk about what they are and how you can use them.

5 Types of Landing Pages Your Small Business Should be Using

Landing Pages are simply a website that includes all the information your customer needs in one place.  A one page website if you will.  It may have different sections showing what you offer, photo galleries, contact forms, and news.  They can be of any length necessary to get all the information you need to someone visiting your site.

Here are 5 types you should consider using


1. Focused Mini-site Page

As I mentioned earlier, over HALF of the business in the US don’t have a website. There are over 22 billion people on the internet and having a web presence is a fundamental necessity to success in the 21st century!  Your customers are much more likely to trust your business if you have a website or landing page.  Many professionals recommend never sending your social media traffic to your main website, but rather a focused landing page where you can easily interact with your visitor.

What’s holding you back?

Building individual pages from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming.  You need to have knowledge of Web Design, you need to have a separate URL and hosting site.

Is there a less expensive path?

Choose a theme from one of the many sites on the internet and have your Web Designer do the work for you.  You’d then host it on the same site as your website and you don’t need a separate Domain unless you really need to have one.  Template sites typically have loads of themed pages to choose from based on your business type or for specific themes you like.

2. Launch Page

Whether you use Facebook posts, advertise in a local magazine or local online marketing site you are sure to need  some sort of press release for new products or ideas that you are offering new & existing  customers.  A launch page can be a great solution to do just that!

A Launch Page Can:

  • Assist you gather email address for products you are about to launch
  • Be an enticing place to showcase special product offers and services

Other Benefits:

  • They are usually shorter in length than a regular landing page
  • Typically focused on one specific product or service
  • Easily convert potential customers

3. Event Page

The importance of drawing a crowd is still of extreme importance to any small business effort.

Without promotion, something terrible happens. Nothing ~PT Barnum
 “Without promotion, something terrible happens…nothing!”  P.T. Barnum

Whether it’s a meeting, conference, job fair, or other type of social gathering an Event Page can help you draw attention to your special occasion.  They can also help appeal to people that are interested in what you have to offer.  Using this type of page in conjunction with your social media marketing efforts can greatly enhance any business event.

4. eBook Page

It doesn’t make a difference what type of business you have; eBooks are a big draw and strong marketing tool.  Free giveaways can be essential to assist a mom & pop brick-and-mortar store become profitable on the internet.  Some ideas might be, how to manuals, do’s and don’ts for fashion trends or consumer tips for your industry.  Online businesses regularly use eBooks as a valuable marketing tool to build email lists and sell more products or services.

5. Contest Page

Many times contests are used to increase email lists by offering something in return for potential customer contact information. Having a central location to drive traffic can help you execute your giveaway and give credibility to your campaign, solving the many issues of “how do I hold a legitimate contest?”.   The simple “do this and get that”, on Facebook, often falls short of the goals you are shooting for.  Try using a landing page for your next giveaway.

How Else Can I Help?

Ideas may be spinning in your head right now!  You’re probably thinking of various ways you could use one of these pages for your business.  I’d love to discuss potential ideas and help you come up with some solutions that can help grow your business.  Either leave a comment below or use the form on my contact page to drop me a note.

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