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Genealogy Research Done For You

Family History Research Done For YouAncestors, Grandmother, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great Grandmother, Cousins, 1st Cousins, Relatives, Decendents

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Family History, Ancestors, Decendents, Genealogy Photos, Genealogy Reports, Ancestry ReportsI’ve been researching my own ancestors since the early 90’s.  So far I’ve identified over 5500 hundred relatives in my own family tree and it continues to grow each time I continue to work on it.  It’s tedious work, not everyone enjoys digging through links and doing the research.  I do!  There are many different sources to do family history searches online, and I just many, but find  use of Ancestry.com to be one of the most helpful.  Did you know you could find one of your Grandmother, Great-Grandfather, distant cousins or other Ancestors photos or grave-site information and marker online?

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Birth, Death, Marriage, Ancestry, Descendents, Ancestors, Ancestry Records, Ancestry Research, Old Newspapers, Obituaries, License, RecordsLet me help you with the online research to learn more about your family tree and your ancestors family history.  I can customize the family linage you are looking for, create a family tree and create ancestor or descendant reports for you.  Each job will be customized to the information you are specifically looking for.  I will start an online account for you, if you don’t already have one, then start your tree and spend as much time as needed to find information about your ancestors.


Having Fun While Researching Genealogy

With Pokemon Go

Did you know that Cemetery’s are a great place to catch Pokemon Go additions to your Pokedex?  Many welcome Pokemon players as long at they are respectful of the surroundings and visitors that may be at gravesites.  Spend time there doing research for others and play Pokemon while you’re there.

Pokemon Go

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