\ Do you need a Linkedin Profile?

Do you need a Linkedin Profile?

Connecting with Professionals

There are over 200 Million users on .  Their primary focus is to promote, grow and find new business opportunities.  It’s a great place to showcase your experience, through your on-line resume.  Many businesses use Linkedin to find resources and to research new prospective contacts and employees.

Why should you have a Linkedin profile?  It’s an easy place to stay connected with former and current work associates.  Feel free to request recommendations from contacts, and don’t forget to give them as well.  It’s always nice to recommend someone who excels with certain skills.

Continue building relationships with your current base of friends and add new friends through using groups, if you can’t find one that suits your needs you can always start a new one.  Feature your latest projects by posting updates for others to see.  Once you build credibility with people they are more likely to check out your website and feel confident about making a purchase from you or try a product you might be selling.

Further expand your network by requesting introductions to others that have similar interests and have mutual friends.  It’s who you know, and who they know, take advantage of this great feature.  You’ll easily be able to stay abreast of your contacts that change jobs as well, through notification.  If you are in a field that regularly recruits others to join your team this could be a great opportunity to find people that are in the Connecting with Professionalsmarket for a change.


Suggestions & Cautions

This a more of professional platform that other Social Media sites, many people are still on on other sites like Facebook because they are hesitant to put personal information about their families out of the internet.  But, they do have a Linkedin Profile because of their profession.  You can garner new connections with competetors and vendors you currently work with through B2B networking here and it’as also excellent for B2C networking connections or a more personal nature.  Building relationships is what’s it’s all about.  Meet them where they are.  Being a more professional platform than other Social Media sites, many people don’t think of Linkedin as a Social Media site, which may be why it has a better ranking in confidence than some others.  Just remember, it is more about business so don’t spam your contacts with sales all the time, keep it more about basic information they might find useful and sprinkle in the ads for your website offers.

Image Sizes

There’s not to much to say about image sizes.

Profile – 400x400px
BG Profile – 1400px x 425px (max 4MB) For Premium Users ONLY

Post Image – 698x400px (recommended)
Shared Link Thumbnail 180×110
Uploaded images will display at max width 350x? (auto adjusted based on the original image size)

To Get Started

Simply go to linkedin.com or check the link below to learn more


Download the PDF Version

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