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Tips For Configuring Your Social Media Profiles

Creating Searchable Social Media Profiles

When thinking about creating your Social Media profile there are two search possibilities you will want to consider. Google search and each of your social channels are the main areas you will want to maximize for profile search-ability.  After all, you want people to find you, right?

Included here I’ll share some tips on where to use keywords in your social profiles to help make it easier for you to be found.

Social Media Profile Tips

Let’s take a look at Google Search first.


Geek Mom Media | Google Search
Example Google Search | Geek Mom Media

Usually, but not always, there are 3 things you can control in a Google search result for your business or website, social profiles and pages.  They are the title, URL of your page and last the description.

The first thing someone sees in a search result is the title.  Generally it is recommended to keep your title between 50-60 characters in length for SEO page requirements.

The SEO title for Geek Mom Media is: Geek Mom Media: Consulting & Web Design for Startups

Your URL will appear on the second line, below the title of search results.  For social channels, the URL is normally listed as the social media domain, followed by your username.

Descriptions are generally taken from the meta name “description” in your page source and are limited to 155 characters in length.  The description for Geek Mom Media reads: Geek Mom Media wants to help you succeed, in your small business, by doing the geek work so you don’t’ have to. Affordable rates for home based business.

Note: Google won’t index anything that isn’t publicly viewable, that means it must be available on your public profile.  You will also need to be logged out completely to see what your profile or page looks like.

Let’s take a look at some specific Social Media Networks and how to best optimize your profiles.

Facebook Page

On a Facebook Page you’ll see something like this

Google Search - Ford on Facebook
Example: Google Search for Ford on Facebook

Search results on Google show the Facebook Page name, Location, number of likes, and number of people talking about the page.

Tip:  Generally a Facebook page name incorporating keywords rank higher in Google search results.

The first option for a search for Cars will give you any page that listed Cars as a subcategory, main brand or product category associated with the page shown in the  drop-down menu. Should you press enter after your search vs reviewing the drop-down you’ll notice options for search results under the menu:

Top, Latest, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, and More

Search for Cars on Facebook
Example: Search for Cars on Facebook

Tip: Local Business Owner pages will appear under Places based on proximity to the person searching and your page category.  Be sure to place your keyword in the subcategory.

Key Points: Where possible include a keyword in your Page’s name and be sure to include keywords in your page’s subcategory.

Twitter Profile

Most Twitter profiles in a Google search will include your profile name, username (@username), number of followers, number of photos, videos and number of tweets.  Occasionally you’ll see one that pulls the bio or lists the username (@username), URL and a couple of your latest tweets.

Search for Ford on Twitter
Example: Ford’s listing for Twitter on Google

Tip: Look to see what your profile is actually pulling from Twitter before proceeding to change your bio and including keywords.

Again, Google will rank keyword searches higher for names and @usernames that include that keyword.  The example we’ve been using is “cars”

Search for cars on Twitter
Example: Search for cars on Google

When searching on the Twitter network, profiles related to the keyword will appear in your results.  They do not need to be included in the name, bio or username of the account.

Key Points:  Include any keyword in your name or @username where possible if you want to appear in Google searches for that keyword.  To appear in searches done via the Twitter network include those keywords in text content; it doesn’t hurt to also include it in your name , bio and @username.

Linked In

Most profiles will appear like this one:

Example: Search for Ford on Instagram
Example: Search for Ford on Instagram

The Google description comes from your Company Name and description.

LinkedIn Profile Example
Example: LinkedIn Profile

Once again, when you include a primary keyword in the Company name of your page you may rank higher in a Google and LinkedIn searches.

Key Point:  Where possible include a primary keyword in your Company listed page name.


Profile name, @username and bio are used in a Google search result.

Tip: Including primary keywords in your bio can help to increase your results.


Profile name and description are used in a Google search result.

Tip: Include primary keywords in your name and description can help to increase your results.  Boards with primary keywords will also appear higher in search results.

Final Take Away

Knowing the general semantics of how profiles and pages work in major social networks can help your search rankings.  When configuring your other Social Network accounts, use the same type of logic.  In looking at Google+ and YouTube, both being optimized via Google will place higher in a Google search when a primary keyword is included in the page name or channel name.  When naming uploads for YouTube include primary keywords in video names as well.

Tip: It is kind of a no-brainer, but many times it’s not possible to include a keyword in your name or username because of your specific branding needs.  Including them in your bio, first paragraph and other text can help.

Geek Mom Media | Social Media Profile Tips

What Recipe Do You Use for Social Media?

What IF there was a Recipe Book for Social Media?

There is!  It’s called IFTTT, and they have all kinds of recipes for Social Media Marketers!

What if there was a recipe for Social Media | by geekmommedia.com

IFTTT (IF This Then That) can help you streamline your posting, save you time; it’s almost like having an assistant!  IFTTT is like a restaurant, were you have your own private chef!

Check out the Channels tab to see which Apps, Social Media Channels or other online Accounts you can connect and create recipes between ,   You can also connect your channels here as well as listings of popular recipes for various apps with Triggers and Actions available.


Channels are apps and social channels IFTTT can be configured between.

Triggers are acts that take place to start the process for your recipe.

Actions are things you program, after a trigger has taken place, to complete the desired process.

IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT Recipe Boxes

There are a ton of pre-made recipes to choose from or you can create your very own.  Best of all it’s totally free to use this service and automate your tasks between various apps and the social media networks you use.  With so many options to choose from, it is hard to put everything in one short post.

Here are the basics.

Step 1) Sign up for a free account

Step 2) Browse through existing recipes

IFTTT - Recipes

Look through the various areas of the listings for Recommended, DO and IF recipes others have created.  You may find exactly what you need here.


Step 3) Create your own

This is a long process, where you select IF Triggers Channels, Triggers, Trigger Fields, Then That Action Channels, Actions, Action Fields and Create your Recipe.  Due to the varying possibilities for each Channel I’m not going to go into too much detail just give you a high overview of how the process works.  The options you have are limited only by the selections you make from the choices available.  In this example I’m using Instagram and Pinterest to create a recipe to automate posting.

To Create Your Own Recipe

1. Go to the My Recipes Tab

2. Select Create a Recipe 

3. Click on the this (see image below)

IFTTT - Create a Recipe




4. Choose Trigger Channel

IFTTT - Choose Trigger Channel






I selected Instagram.  If this is the first time using IFTTT and you have not previously connected your on-line accounts, you will have to connect your Social Channel to your account, giving IFTTT permissions at this time.

5. Choose a Trigger

IFTTT - Choose a Trigger





I selected New Photo by Specific User.  Triggers available will vary depending on the channel you selected in step 4.

6. Complete Trigger Field(s)

IFTTT - Complete Trigger Fields





In the item selected the trigger field is the Instagram Username.

7. Click on the that (see image below)

IFTTT - If this then that




8. Choose Action Channel

IFTTT - Choose Action Channel





In this example I selected Pinterest. Scroll through the options or type in the channel you are looking for.

9. Choose an Action

Choose an Action



In my example there is only 1 action available, to post to a board.  Actions available will vary depending on the channel you selected in step 8.  In this example only 1 action is available for this channel (Pinterest).

10. Complete Action Field(s)

IFTTT - Complete Action Fields







11. Create and Connect

IFTTT - Create and Connect







 12. Recipe ID

IFTTT - Recipe ID





Your recipe has been created and is ready to use.  Test it out, then publish for others to use if you desire.  You can turn off any time you like.  Recipes you have created or are using will show up in the My Recipe tab when signed into your account.

IFTTT helps you streamline social media tasks without the tedious steps involved.  Let technology do the work for you and see what IFTTT tasks you can automate in your social media posts now and don’t forget to share your favorite recipes.


Every business should have an active presence on multiple social media channels.  Learning how to manage your social media platforms should be core for focused new business owners and marketers.

6 Social Media Management Tools to Try in 2016

Different networks can be challenging and time plays a huge factor in selecting the right management tools for your business.  The correct tools can help you reply to messages; monitor your social channels, schedule posts and monitor analytics from one place.

Selecting the correct tool can be daunting when you are getting started; there are certainly plenty to choose from.  I have listed some of the top user selected platforms to highlight; many have free as well as paid versions depending on the features and benefits that are important to you. Check them out and decide which works best for your needs.

Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.” by Lori Ruff. (@loriruff)

6 Social Media Tools to Try in 2016


With its high user ranking, Hootsuite gives you the ability to interact with 25 social networks from a single dashboard.  A great all around tool if you’re interested in engagement, publishing and workflow features, managing campaigns and viewing analytics are other pluses.


Stagger your content through multiple social platforms easily with Buffer.  It’s user-friendly and has a clean dashboard.  Scheduling updates couldn’t be easier, and helps save time on administering your social channels.  Buffer’s free image creation tool, Pablo can help engage your audience.


Start your free trial with AgoraPulse if you are looking for a tool to help manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Features include; Facebook Applications, CRM Software and Analytic Reports. You can easily run contests and comparisons to your competitors.  Never miss interactions with inbox media alerts.


Post to multiple social channels with Sprout Social scheduling.  Pull messages into a single inbox and manage multiple profiles at the same time.  Sprouts user-friendly format helps users collaborate with other team members too!  Strong analytic reports include message performance, demographics data and community growth.


With Sendible you can easily manage comments and posts from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr in one place. Prioritize important mentions and analyze messages requiring attention quickly.  Engage with your online community to track your social media and email messages to measure the success of your campaigns.


Are you all about monitoring your online content? Then check out Mention’s advertised “Never Miss a Thing Online” promise.  Built to make sifting through online content easy, sharing quick and team collaboration simple; analyzing social data couldn’t be easier.



30+ Forgotten Social Media Features

Have you looked through all the help files and settings on your favorite Social Media Channels?  Probably not, or if you did back when you signed up there were probably so many things it was a little mind boggling.

There are really great features that you may have overlooked or were going to check out but may have forgotten about entirely.

Here are a few of the myriad of forgotten features on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram; with a couple of bonus tips for LinkedIn.

Check them out, see which of the 30+ I’ve listed you may have forgotten about or which ones have gone entirely unnoticed.

Social Media's 30+ Forgotten Features

Forgotten Facebook Features

Save links for later reading

When looking at stories in your newsfeed, you’ll find options under the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. One of these is the “Save” option, which According to Facebook, is for links, places, music, books, movies, TV shows and events. Not included are photos or plain text updates.

Save Links for Later Reading

 “Save” also shows up on pages. Select “Save Link” from the drop-down button in the upper right of the story or save a Page, for later review, by selecting “Save” from the more (“…”) option on the top right corner next to Like, Share.

Check the left menu panel under News Feed to locate your Saved items.

Saved on Facebook Left Menu

To Friend or Follow?

Did you know you can follow someone without friending them? 

Here’s how it works:  If the person has this feature turned on you’ll see a “Follow” button to click, along with an “Add Friend” option.

Friend vs Follow | Why Follow Someone on Facebook

Following someone means you will see their posts in your news feed, just as you would if you were friends.  What’s the difference?  They don’t need to accept your friend request.

Simply go to your Facebook settings, and then turn on the follow feature in your profile.  From the left menu, select Followers, and change the settings from “Friends” to “Everybody”.  If you need further assistance, check out Facebooks Help page.

Followers | Facebook Help

Post to Page Timeline

Did you know others can post to your page?  By tagging your name in an update these posts show up in the sidebar on your page. 

Timeline & Tagging | Forgotten Facebook FeaturesVistor Posts | Forgotten Facebook Features

Be sure to watch what is being posted, you may find customer service opportunities, be able to engage with others when someone mentions you and don’t forget to watch for spam.  Who knows, you may find something you want to re-share.

Sidebar Element Order

You can rearrange the order of the sidebar elements on your page. The top spots are reserved for People and About, but other sections can be dragged and dropped into any order you choose.

Sidebar Menu Elements | Forgotten Facebook Features

The pencil icon will appear when you hover over any section in the menu.

Advanced stats for any post

Have you ever noticed the “# people reached” link at the bottom of your posts?

Advanced Statistics |Forgotten Facebook Features

Have you ever clicked on it?

These insights show you all sorts of cool stats like the breakdown of likes, comments, and shares.

Other forgotten useful features

Did you know you have a Facebook eMail Address?  You can email me at [email protected], and the message will come straight to my regular eMail account. Your Facebook email is your username on Facebook, plus @facebook.com.

Download a copy of your Facebook data!  From your settings page, you can click the “Download a copy” link at the bottom.

Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data

Did you know you can attach a file to a Facebook Message?  When you’ve got an open message window open, click on the gear icon and choose the “Add Files…” option.

Attaching Files to Facebook Messages

Surprise Messages from Others.  When clicking your message page, you’ll see the default view of your latest inbox view. Notice on the top menu “Inbox” and “Other” if there is a number beside it you have unread messages from someone on Facebook.

Surprise Messages From Others on Facebook

Do you want a specific message to appear at the top of your Business Page timeline?  You can Pin a post to the top.  Click the drop down arrow in the top, right corner of any of your page posts, and choose “Pin to Top.”

Looking for fun emoji to use?   Check these out. 

  • (y) = thumbs-up ‘like’ symbol
  • (^^^) = a great white shark
  • :|] = a robot
  • <3 = a heart
  • <(“) = a penguin

Here is a full library of Facebook emoticons.

Forgotten Twitter Features

Creating collections via Tweetdeck

Collections are made possible using Twitter’s own Tweetdeck, a free management dashboard tool.  You can create custom timelines, containing what you want to see, for multiple accounts. 

Twitter Collections via Tweetdeck

Who’s in this photo?

When you add a new photo to a tweet, you can tag up to 10 people who are in the photo — and these tags won’t count against your 140 characters.

Here’s where the tagging option appears on a desktop. The feature is also on mobile.

Who's in this photo | Twitter Features

Photo Collages and Twitter Images

You can include up to 4 images when composing a tweet.  Simply click on the “Media” link to make a photo collage. 

Photo Collages on Twitter | Twitter Features

Here is a quick example of what a collage will look like:

Photo Collage on Twitter | Twitter Features

Twitter for Mobile

You can perform certain actions, like following a user or marking a friend’s update as a favorite, by using designated Twitter commands via SMS.  There are various SMS options on Twitter should you want to read more.

Here are a few popular ones:

  • D [username] + message — sends that person a Direct Message that goes to their device, and saves in their web archive.
  • WHOIS [username] — retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter. Example whois jack or w jack, for short.
  • FOLLOW [username]: allows you to start following a specific user, as well as receive SMS notifications. Example: FOLLOW jerry or F jerry for short.

Mute Feature

Should you want to manage your Twitter stream you can mute them rather than unfollowing someone.  This can be helpful if you want things a bit quieter while others are participating in chats or tweet bursts.

Mute Tweets | Twitter Features

Access from any tweet, click on the “…” (more) drop-down and choose “Mute” from the list.  You can “unmute” a person, at a later time, by visiting their profile.

Pin to Tweet to Top of Profile

You can pin any tweet to the top of your Twitter feed by selecting “Pin to your profile page” from the “…” (more) link under the tweet.

Pin to Top of Profile | Twitter Features

Forgotten Google+ Features

Posting a G+ Poll

You can run a poll from a Google+ post. Click on the “Poll” button then ask your question in the body of the post, set multiple answers choices and add an optional photo.

Create a Poll on Google+ | Google+ Features

Add a photo to a Google+ Poll | Google+ Features

Once published here is what your poll will look like.

Google+ Poll | Google+ Feature

Create an Empty Circle to save posts for future reference

Create a circle without anyone in it. This works great as a bookmarking tool or swipe file. Share posts to this empty circle then easily reference them later. All posts are added to your profile page and private, viewable only by you.

Empty Google+ Circle | Google+ Features

This also works great for your favorite services like Evernote or Pocket or email service. When you include your share email in the circle content saved will be automatically forwarded to you.

Linking a slideshow to your profile photo

You can control what appears when someone clicks on your profile photo.  In the Photos menu, look for the Profile Photos collection, then add, edit, and arrange the photos.

Did you know you can also set a GIF as your profile or cover photo?

Forgotten Pinterest Features

Set up a secret board

Ideal for individuals planning vacations, dream weddings and surprise parties.  A secret board is also great for seeding a new board before publishing for marketing purposes.

To create a secret board, click to create a new board and select secret in the options window.

Create a Secret Board | Pinterest Features

Rearrange the order of your boards

You can arrange the order of your boards to your preference. Simply click and drag your boards into the order you’d like when on your profile page.

Note:  The order of individual pins within a board cannot be changed.

See what has been pinned from your website (or others)

If you are interested in seeing what has been shared from your website or another website, you can type the following URL and add your domain name.

Type in:  http://www.pinterest.com/source/domainname.com/.

Change the “domainname.com” to your blog’s address (or the blog address of a site you want to check).

Customize your cover images

Want your board to have a specific cover image?  Click the “Edit” button at the bottom of the board then select “Change” cover.  Scroll through the images and select the one you want to appear.  You can even move the image around to get the best look on your board.

Collaborate with Friends | Pinterest Features

Change Cover Photo on Board | Pinterest Features

Collaborate with friends

When you click the Edit button at the bottom of your board, you’ll have the option to set others up as collaborators.  Type in a name or email address and an email invitation will be sent. Anyone you set can then add pins directly to your group board.

Collaborate on Boards | Pinterest Features

Forgotten Instagram Features

Where to view Instagram photos online

You can view any user’s Instagram feed online at instagram.com/username. Also, you can see your home page feed by logging in at instagram.com.

Add a border to your image

In addition to Instagram filters, you can also add borders to your image. Via the app, choose the filter first, and then tap the filter again to reveal a box icon you can tap to add a border.

Instagram 3rd Party Helpers

How to create a collage

Have you noticed the creative collages other people post and wondered how they do that? Check out these apps which will help get your creative juices going.

Layout from Instagram




See an image, photo or quote you want to repost?

Again, this Instagram tip requires a Third-party app. Here are a few you can check out.

Repost to Instagram

Instagr Post


Choose from your home stream or images you have favorited.  Many apps have a paid version which will allow you to remove attribution overlays on the photos.  Play nice and give attribution in the description using @username and hashtags where appropriate.

Bonus: LinkedIn Tips

Download a list of your connections

Download your contacts into a spreadsheet.  Various formats, such as CSV are available. You’ll get a full list of your connections, including their name, current title, current company name, and email address.

Click on “Connections” on the top menu at LinkedIn, and then click the gear icon that appears in the top, right corner of your connections page. In the Advanced Settings panel select “Export LinkedIn Connections”.

Message someone you’re not connected with on LinkedIn

If you want to get in touch with someone on LinkedIn but you have yet to make the one-to-one connection, you can try this workaround. Look in their profile at the groups they belong to, and then join a common group. 

Group members can message each other even without a direct connection. Locate the person in the group members section, and you’ll see an option to “Send message” in the box to the right of their photo.

Create a Relationship notes and reminders

Under each connected profile sits the option to add relationship notes — how you met, reminder notices, and other important context.

Relationship Notes | LinkedIn Features

The reminder notices are a particularly helpful because you can set alerts for any contact. If you click the recurring option, you could set up a reminder to call or follow-up with the person on a weekly, monthly or custom basis.  The relationship panel is private so only you see what you have set.


Image credits: LibreStock, Pixabay

Curated from an original post at blog.bufferapp.com 


The Benefits of Google + for Your Small Business

Consider whether Google Plus is right for your small business

+ boasts over 500 million enabled accounts, of which 135 million are considered “active”.  Approximately 60% of them login to their account every day. It’s a fast growing social media platform and will enhance your ability to get found locally.  Because of its integration with other platforms YouTube, Gmail you can help establish your business quicker.

Ways Google+ can help

  • share or +1s on posts influence SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) results & help boost exposure
  • your posts are indexed to Google immediately
  • use appropriate keywords and headline tags
  • Carousel results get factored in for local searches differently than organic results
  • Google “reviews” most important factor in inclusion & ranking

Create or join Communities they will give you a place to build your network as well as a location for your customers to mingle, ask about products or give feedback.  
How to add Google Communities to your Google Plus page

Flexibility includes things like circles, which can help you brand yourself more closely by filtering your posts to a specific target audience. The ability to host Hangouts gives you a place to be face-to-face with your followers and customers.

Suggestions & Tips

Unlike many other platforms, G+ has a specific place for you to add other social media links in your profile, take advantage of that!  Make certain you include a photo of yourself in your profile, put a face to your name.

You can add hyperlinks to your profile text, for example create backlinks to some of your website pages.  Be sure not to over stuff your profile with keywords or Google may penalize you.  Sharing other people’s posts will also create backlinks to your profile, so share, comment & +1 posts you find helpful.  Engage with others and they will start engaging with you.  Remember to connect & verify your website to your page.

Some useful tips

  • When adding people to your circles, many will add you back, so search for like-minded companies and individuals to get your following started.
  • Did you know that posts with a photo get 5% more clicks? Add photos whenever you can.
  • Research and use hashtags, when creating your post suggestions will come up as you start typing.
  • G+ is also one of the few SM platforms that allows you to use animated GIF If your audience likes them, go for it!
  • If you are using a WordPress platform for your blog and have an automatic social sharing plugin, you will need to give it authorization to post updates to your G+ account, check in account settings.


Profile Photo = 250 x 250 up to 500 x 500 (take in to consideration it will show circular)
Cover Photo = 480 x 270

You can find a cover photo template here

Google Cover Photo Template

For more info about other G+ benefits follow Google Plus For You they have tons  of good tips and suggestions.

Download the PDF Version



Your presence on Pinterest

Benefits and Guidelines for

Pinterest is the last of the major Social Media sites that many business have a presence on, that I will cover in this series.  With 270 Million unique users each month it is a  great place to post visual content to reach your target audience.  Approximately 85% of the users on Pinterest are female, with 42% being adult females.  If that is your target market, it’s a great place to be!  It’s very easy to setup and use for posting visual content.

Your presence on Pinterest

There are both personal and business accounts available on Pinterest and you can actually have both if you prefer.  Should you choose to simplify and already have a personal account you can request to have it converted to a business account, or they may actually send you an invitation by email.  The primary difference between the accounts is Analytics and Rich Pins.  I won’t go into detail here about rich pins, you can read more in the help section on Pinterest, but they offer more options with your pins.

After creating your account you’ll want to create “boards”, where each would have a different keyword focus.  You can however pin one image to multiple boards if that is something that makes sense.  Some of the more popular topics and boards on Pinterest are how-to-guides, DIY crafts and recipes.  Boards are also a great place to get ideas for your own content and insight into what people are interested in.  Build connection and relationships over shared interests through the multiple boards you have or you visit.  Learn what inspires people and gain insight into the things you can share.  Pinterest makes it easy to engage with your customers, clients & friends through a variety of topics like hobbies, crafts, DIY, cookery, interiors, beauty and fashion.

Tips, Tricks & Suggestions

As with all channels make sure you complete your profile and the profile header for each board you create, this will help showcase your personality.  Don’t forget to include your website and complete the verification process where possible.  I would suggest taking some time to research various boards by reviewing what your friends and industry are doing to get ideas of how you would like to organize your pins.  This is flexible and changeable so you don’t need to spend a lot of time, just enough to get some ideas on how you want to proceed. Engage with other users by commenting, liking or sharing relevant pins to your own boards, others will begin to reciprocate

When designing your website or blog, make certain you include plenty of images and a “pin it button” so others can easily share what they like.  This will also create back-links from Pinterest to your site and help drive more traffic to your site.  Statistics have shown that product images pinned with a price are more effective and have a better click through rates.  Be sure to include a Call To Action in the description if applicable too!

Remember: When pinning a image you can edit the link information to redirect to your website if needed.

If you’d like to see what people are pinning from a specific website or from your website or blog you can easily find this information by entering the following:

http://pinterest.com/source/domain.com/  [replace domain.com with your domain name]

Image Size

Recommended Width = 540px
There is no vertical limit, so you can increase the length where needed to include content.

For more Information or To Get Started

To get started simply go to   http://help.pinterest.com/en/

Download the PDF Version

How to edit a Pinterest pin Visit Site URL

Do you need a Linkedin Profile?

Connecting with Professionals

There are over 200 Million users on .  Their primary focus is to promote, grow and find new business opportunities.  It’s a great place to showcase your experience, through your on-line resume.  Many businesses use Linkedin to find resources and to research new prospective contacts and employees.

Why should you have a Linkedin profile?  It’s an easy place to stay connected with former and current work associates.  Feel free to request recommendations from contacts, and don’t forget to give them as well.  It’s always nice to recommend someone who excels with certain skills.

Continue building relationships with your current base of friends and add new friends through using groups, if you can’t find one that suits your needs you can always start a new one.  Feature your latest projects by posting updates for others to see.  Once you build credibility with people they are more likely to check out your website and feel confident about making a purchase from you or try a product you might be selling.

Further expand your network by requesting introductions to others that have similar interests and have mutual friends.  It’s who you know, and who they know, take advantage of this great feature.  You’ll easily be able to stay abreast of your contacts that change jobs as well, through notification.  If you are in a field that regularly recruits others to join your team this could be a great opportunity to find people that are in the Connecting with Professionalsmarket for a change.


Suggestions & Cautions

This a more of professional platform that other Social Media sites, many people are still on on other sites like Facebook because they are hesitant to put personal information about their families out of the internet.  But, they do have a Linkedin Profile because of their profession.  You can garner new connections with competetors and vendors you currently work with through B2B networking here and it’as also excellent for B2C networking connections or a more personal nature.  Building relationships is what’s it’s all about.  Meet them where they are.  Being a more professional platform than other Social Media sites, many people don’t think of Linkedin as a Social Media site, which may be why it has a better ranking in confidence than some others.  Just remember, it is more about business so don’t spam your contacts with sales all the time, keep it more about basic information they might find useful and sprinkle in the ads for your website offers.

Image Sizes

There’s not to much to say about image sizes.

Profile – 400x400px
BG Profile – 1400px x 425px (max 4MB) For Premium Users ONLY

Post Image – 698x400px (recommended)
Shared Link Thumbnail 180×110
Uploaded images will display at max width 350x? (auto adjusted based on the original image size)

To Get Started

Simply go to linkedin.com or check the link below to learn more


Download the PDF Version

Why your small business should be on Instagram?

Wondering if your should be using ?  You’ll find many write ups out there.  I’ve compiled a simple list of pro’s and con’s that you should consider. Here is your quick and easy guide to see why you should be using Instagram.

  1. It’s quick and easy to use
  2. Most active & engaged users
  3. Reach new customers using
  4. Easily shareable via other channels
  5. Integratable in some email marketing programs (i.e. Constant Contact)
  6. Promote products using professional looking images
  7. Photos promote emotion; Emotion fuel people
  8. Multiple filters to easily enhance your images
  9. Build your brand (trust & personality)
  10. Increase traffic visibility
  11. Free visual advertising
  12. Less competition for your brand may be using IG
  13. Easily increase your reach through organic growth


Suggestions & Cautions for utilization

  • It’s owned by Facebook so has good compatibility when sharing
  • Limited area for company, personal description
  • User privacy settings (consider this carefully – why would a business want a private profile – and YES you do see some???)
  • Be sure to include your website URL in your profile
  • Research hashtags before use (lots of people search hashtags – be sure you are not using something that might be offensive to your customer)
  • Inability to share posts without a sister app (i.e. RePost, ReGram, etc)
  • Can’t add links in description text
  • Ability to send private photos to another user (check out what your kids are sending)
  • Ability to tag your location (may be a good thing for businesses – not so much for children)
  • Instagram reserves the right to use your images



Logo – 161 x 161
Web Logo – 110 x 110

Image Sizes

Square – 1080 x 1080
Displays – 640 x 640

To get started on Instagram



Download the pdf version here

270 Million Reasons Your Small Business Should be on Twitter

Why Your Should be on Twitter

+270 Million Active Users a month
It’s the fastest growing social networking site
Many of your customers are there
Helps you build Brand Recognition
Reply – Engage all help get your name out there
Relationship building vs selling (Use the 80/20 Rule)
Tons of analytic info available thru Ads Dashboard
Lots of tools to help you manage (Hootsuite, Buffer, Follwerwonk, Topsy, Tweroid, Tweetjukebox)
Free Marketing (news, promotions, events, specials)
Use as a resource/research (searches: keywords, hashtags, usernames)
Know your competition
The ability for something simple to go “viral”

Suggestions & Cautions

Profile Tips
– User Name is limited to 15 characters
– BIO is limited to 160 characters
– Use a logo if you want more privacy
Other Profile Tips
– Image type supported jpg, gif & png
– Header does not support gif images
Did you know you can pin a tweet?
– Select which tweet new users see when they visit your profile by clicking the ellipsis icon (•••) on your Profile Page, then select “Pin to your Profile Page”
140 character limit (use url shorteners, such as bit.ly or tinyurl.com)
Understanding How To
– Tweet, RT, D, @username,
Use “Favorite” with caution

270 Million Reasons Your Small Business

Headers, Profiles & Tweets

Profile Photo – 400×400 (max size 2MB)
Page Header –  1500×500
Image Tweet- 1024 x512

Twitter Cards

Lead Generator – 600×150
Summary/Gallery/Photo – 280×150
Product – 160×160
Website – 240×96

Getting Started with Twitter Cards


Beginners Guide to Facebook Pages

 14 Benefits of Pages vs Profiles

  1. Increased exposure to customers & leads
  2. Reach Targeted Audiences (Ads & Promoted Posts)
  3. Insights (Likes, Reach, Engagement, Performance)
  4. Pages are indexed by Search Engines
  5. Page Watch (Check what your competitor is doing)
  6. Tabs, Contests & Offers
  7. Admin Roles for anyone helping you
  8. Post Scheduling
  9. Third Party Tools (APPS,  analytics, promotions)
  10. Newsfeed Marketing
  11. Comment as your brand
  12. Profiles limited to 5K friends
  13. Personal information & privacy concerns
  14. Avoid potential issues with FB shutting you down

Beginners Guide to FB

Suggestions & Cautions

  • Page Types
    • Local Business or Place (Brick & Mortar)
    • Company Organization or Brand (better for On-Line)
  • Research your name (same on website & social media)
    • Limitations on changing name (200+ users)
    • Limitations on changing URL (once)
  • Follow Company naming restrictions (compliance)
  • Complete your profile (at minimum)
    • Short description
    • Long description
    • Contact Information
    • Include links to your other social media
  • Be Social (that’s what it’s all about)
    • Post multiple types of information
    • Everybody loves comedy

Headers & Logo

Logo – 180 x 180 (displays 160 x 160)
Page Header –  851 X 315
Event Header – 784 x 295

Timeline Images

Square – 504 x 504
Rectangular – 470 x 246
Promotions/Offers – 1200 x 628

For more detailed image information follow: https://www.facebook.com/PagesSizesDimensions

This information is by no means a comprehensive guide to Pages.  It is meant to assist beginners in getting their Facebook Page up with limited assistance.  For more detailed information check out the link above for image requirements or feel free to contact me for a Social Media quote.

[email protected]

Download the PDF Version

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