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What You Need To Know About Intellectual Property Rights

IP-rimer: A Basic Explanation of Intellectual Property

I highly recommend this article if you use the internet!  It’s a Must Read primer about Intellectual Property,  Copyrights and Trademarks by Will Frank, a licensed Lawyer in the state of New York.  Very informative and helpful.  Check it out and follow us on Medium today!

What you need to know about Intellectual Property rights by Will Frank

“Maybe it’s a matter of knowledge bias, but I usually wince when I see a discussion of intellectual property online. At best, people make mistakes. Only natural, nobody’s perfect, but we can strive. At worst, people completely misunderstand every aspect of the topic. And this is a topic that comes up a lot online, after all.

So I thought I’d set the record straight with a set of essays discussing the topic, in a hopefully entertaining fashion, to improve understanding” Will Frank   Read More…

Originally published at medium.com on November 19, 2015.

Welcome to Geek Mom Media

I’m glad you stopped by.  I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Julie Jimenez and I’ve just changed my name from Amuka Consulting to Geek Mom Media.  If you’ve been following me at Amuka thanks for joining me here!

I retired in 2013 after a 34 year career in IT Services with Macy’s. I’ve been doing HTML and work on the internet since it began to be popular back in the late ’80’s.  Having always had an interest in electronics and computers especially, I found it an exciting playground; this new World Wide Web.  I started out with a simple computer and wrote a tic-tac-toe program then moved to a IBM Clone, way back when.  From there it’s all been “history” as they say!

geek mom avitar 2I helped introduce computers to, what was then, May D&F in Denver back in the day and quickly became the go-to person when it came to questions about computers and the intranet.  I designed a service tracking program and created our first local intranet also.  From there I started designing HTML sites in the early 90’s for small businesses, in my spare time. So I’ve been around the block a few times, as they say.

Today I still love dabbling with HTML, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Social Media and most anything to do with technology.  I enjoy helping other small business owners get up and running with Social Media, a suitable Website and also do maintenance which enables them the time to pursue their primary business.

I’ve just created this new site, and there will be lots more to come, so check back again soon!

Thanks for stopping by,


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