\ Beginners Guide to Facebook Pages

Beginners Guide to Facebook Pages

 14 Benefits of Pages vs Profiles

  1. Increased exposure to customers & leads
  2. Reach Targeted Audiences (Ads & Promoted Posts)
  3. Insights (Likes, Reach, Engagement, Performance)
  4. Pages are indexed by Search Engines
  5. Page Watch (Check what your competitor is doing)
  6. Tabs, Contests & Offers
  7. Admin Roles for anyone helping you
  8. Post Scheduling
  9. Third Party Tools (APPS,  analytics, promotions)
  10. Newsfeed Marketing
  11. Comment as your brand
  12. Profiles limited to 5K friends
  13. Personal information & privacy concerns
  14. Avoid potential issues with FB shutting you down

Beginners Guide to FB

Suggestions & Cautions

  • Page Types
    • Local Business or Place (Brick & Mortar)
    • Company Organization or Brand (better for On-Line)
  • Research your name (same on website & social media)
    • Limitations on changing name (200+ users)
    • Limitations on changing URL (once)
  • Follow Company naming restrictions (compliance)
  • Complete your profile (at minimum)
    • Short description
    • Long description
    • Contact Information
    • Include links to your other social media
  • Be Social (that’s what it’s all about)
    • Post multiple types of information
    • Everybody loves comedy

Headers & Logo

Logo – 180 x 180 (displays 160 x 160)
Page Header –  851 X 315
Event Header – 784 x 295

Timeline Images

Square – 504 x 504
Rectangular – 470 x 246
Promotions/Offers – 1200 x 628

For more detailed image information follow: https://www.facebook.com/PagesSizesDimensions

This information is by no means a comprehensive guide to Pages.  It is meant to assist beginners in getting their Facebook Page up with limited assistance.  For more detailed information check out the link above for image requirements or feel free to contact me for a Social Media quote.

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