\ 270 Million Reasons Your Small Business Should be on Twitter

270 Million Reasons Your Small Business Should be on Twitter

Why Your Should be on Twitter

+270 Million Active Users a month
It’s the fastest growing social networking site
Many of your customers are there
Helps you build Brand Recognition
Reply – Engage all help get your name out there
Relationship building vs selling (Use the 80/20 Rule)
Tons of analytic info available thru Ads Dashboard
Lots of tools to help you manage (Hootsuite, Buffer, Follwerwonk, Topsy, Tweroid, Tweetjukebox)
Free Marketing (news, promotions, events, specials)
Use as a resource/research (searches: keywords, hashtags, usernames)
Know your competition
The ability for something simple to go “viral”

Suggestions & Cautions

Profile Tips
– User Name is limited to 15 characters
– BIO is limited to 160 characters
– Use a logo if you want more privacy
Other Profile Tips
– Image type supported jpg, gif & png
– Header does not support gif images
Did you know you can pin a tweet?
– Select which tweet new users see when they visit your profile by clicking the ellipsis icon (•••) on your Profile Page, then select “Pin to your Profile Page”
140 character limit (use url shorteners, such as bit.ly or tinyurl.com)
Understanding How To
– Tweet, RT, D, @username,
Use “Favorite” with caution

270 Million Reasons Your Small Business

Headers, Profiles & Tweets

Profile Photo – 400×400 (max size 2MB)
Page Header –  1500×500
Image Tweet- 1024 x512

Twitter Cards

Lead Generator – 600×150
Summary/Gallery/Photo – 280×150
Product – 160×160
Website – 240×96

Getting Started with Twitter Cards


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